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Shut up! I don't care if y'all are haters, but I love MLP, Vocaloid, anime and Pokemon~

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I finally finished sorting all of my favs into folders, My Little Pony, Vocaloid, Pokemon, Ponymon, Stories, Awesome Art, Ponyloids, Cry, Shingeki no Kyojin, Free, and DMMD (for those not in the know it's DRAMAtical Murder a shouen-ai visual novel). Awesome Art is mostly Death Note and everything john-lock does. Just plain Favorites currently holds my current rekindled obsession with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, it's mostly just Nico/Percy.

i apologize now for any yaoi that shows up in here)



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Chapter 19/Epilogue
Blooming the Idol

(read description plz)

"Neruuuuu, where are you taking me?" Len complains as I drag him down a street. The random people walking on the sidewalk stepping out of our way. Some of them were taking pictures, probably because I was holding his hand, something I rarely do anymore. By the time we got to our destination we had been asked for more signatures than I could ever remember giving and he had been glomped almost as many times as he had been when we and a few others went to a con back in Japan.

" the hell did you find this place?" Len stares at the sign of the place I had brought him to. It was an average sized cafe, I had seen it online when I was looking up fun things to do in New York City.

"Do you not like cosplay cafes?" I look up at him and he was scratching the back of his neck. I gaze back at the cafe. It seems like a fun idea, having otakus serve us food and be amazed when they find out we are actually the real Neru Akita and Len Kagamine. There are lots of girls dressed up like characters from various animes. I don't know the names of most of them, but I see a Miku cosplayer in there. The hair isn't exactly the right shade and she is way too tall.  I look back at Len who still seems to be trying to decide if he wants to go through with this.

"Len grow a pair, we are going in." I angrily say and push him through the door. A cheery girl dressed as Mikasa from Attack on Titan greets us. That's an anime I do know about, seeing how it's literally everywhere in Japan. Len coughs probably to get me to talk to her.

"Uh, hi! Could we get a table for two?" I ask in my normal deadpan voice. The cosplayer cocks her head and blinks her obvious fake eyelashes.

"You aren't here for the job opening?" She asks sweetly, her voice is overly sweet and is making me want to barf in disgust.

"This is so stupid..." Len scoffs and stuffs his hands in his pockets. I elbow him in the side and he changes his attitude to the one Crypton wants him to use when he's in public. "We are just here for lunch before the concert later. Could you please get us a table?" Len switches to his shota voice to get the waitress to sit us.

"Aww, you're such an adorable cosplayer~! Your outfits are really good!" She grabs two menus and sits us at a window table. Len and I both roll our eyes

"Uh, could we please get a table near the back, not near any windows. We don't really want any wandering paparazzi to find us right now." I tell her quietly.

"Why would the paparazzi be looking for you?" A girl comes up wearing a Konata from Lucky Star cosplay, appropriate.

"Well...We are kind of the real Len Kagamine and Neru Akita." Len sheepishly tells the two waitresses. The one dressed as Konata Izumi drops her plate, it was empty thankfully. The other one just stares at us like we are joking. The whole cafe goes silent at the sound of the dropped plate. Len whispers something along the lines of not again and starts to scratch the back of his neck. Someone coughs.

"He's being serious. We are here for the concert today." I try my best to say it normally, but the silence makes my voice crack at the end. I cover my mouth with my hand and blush.

"Aw she's just as tsundere as I thought she was." Some random person says. I hold back the insult and my urge to deny the fact that I'm a tsundere. It's practically reflex now.

"She's really short actually..." Another person says. Well sorry for being only 4' 11". Not everyone can be tall like you Americans. A vein pops on my head and I scan the crowd that has encircled Len and I for the idiot that called me short. Len puts his hand in front of me to stop me from killing anyone.

"Are you two on a date?" A waitress in a Winry Rockbell cosplay asks us. We both embarrassingly blush.

"No, we're here as just friends." Len admits. He never was quite as in love with me as he apparently was with the old me. I broke it off because I could tell he wasn't totally happy and to be honest neither was I. But we felt much better as friends and it was less awkward.

"What!?" At least five girls yelled out. Len and I both sweat dropped. I guess fans still thought we were dating from last year.

"Does that mean you two are seeing other people?" I look over at Len with a devilish smirk and he gulps.

"Len actually is datin-" He then elbows me in the side and glares while I laugh. Everybody around us start to look weirdly, they probably don't understand why we aren't dating still.

"Could you just leave us alone though, we just want to have a calm afternoon before the concert." Len angrily tells the crowd. The crowd disperses until it's just a Misa Amane waitress.

"Konnichiwa! My name is Misa Misa and I'll be your server. Can I interest you in starting with some drinks?" she asks us sweetly.

"I'll have a banana smoothie." Len says.

"And I'll just have some water and a Mountain Dew." I tell the waitress. I start to let my eyes wander and eventually see a table with three girls. A blonde, a brunette, and a ginger girl. Sounds like the start of a bad joke. They keep pointing at us and fangirling. I sigh and poke Len.


"Do you know those three girls over there, or are they just random fans?" I gesture towards the table of the girls and Len looks at them. He smiles and waves towards them. The three girls almost fall out of their seats in shock. I look from Len to the girls and try to figure out how he knows them. He ends up getting up and walking to them, I follow him so I can figure out how he knows them.

"Are you those three girls I met in Boston last year?" Len asks bring a chair over to their table, I do the same. The three teenage girls are trying to keep their emotions in check, but they are struggling. The brunette is gripping the table and taking deep breaths. The ginger is fanning herself and obviously keeping in a fangirl scream. The blonde is trying to act cool, but looks like she is going to crack at any moment. I keep a blank face as he talks to them.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" The ginger keeps repeating as if her life depends on it.

"Yeah, so how's it going?" The blonde girls asks, her voice cracks on the end and she quickly tries to hide it.

"Nothing much, Neru thought it would be fun to have lunch here before the concert, are you three going?" Len asks calmly like he's known the three girls forever.

"Of course we are! Since the one last year got cancelled, the second we heard about this one we all bought tickets!" The brunette excitedly says.

"Oh Neru you haven't met these three girls, I met them last year during our American tour, you were in the hospital then." He takes a moment to stop any emotions from the incident from resurfacing. He then goes to introduce them. "The blonde is Sierra, the ginger is Emma, and the brunette is Emily. I met them in a cosplay cafe like this in Boston. Emily was actually cosplaying you that day Neru." Len smiles and the three girls giggle.

"You seem like a nice person to cosplay me." I try to say sweetly but it comes out like I could care less. She actually does seem like a sweet girl and is probably really nice.

"So I heard you two aren't dating anymore." Emma tries to calm down her fangirl giggles, but they don't stop to easily.

"Uh yeah about that..." I saw looking to the right, Crypton doesn't want us telling fans that I'm an updated version of the old Neru.

"I get it, super secret stuff that can't be shared with normal people." Emily says taking a sip from her water.

"So are you seeing other people then?" Sierra asks, then Emma and Emily start to giggle again, probably thinking up people that we could date.

"I'm not, but Len is~" I say smirking, now that's one secret I don't care about sharing with the general public. Len swallows loudly and a small blush covers his cheeks. He's such a shota even if he doesn't want to admit it.

"Who~?" The three girls ask excitedly.

"Pi-" Len covers my mouth and he starts blushing. The three girls huddle together and start fangirling. They probably knew who I was going to say and are now freaking out about it.

"Neru please." I stick my tongue out at him and he glares back at me, once again causing the three girls to have a fit of fangirl giggles.

"Are you two the ones sitting at this table?" A waitress wearing a female America cosplay asks. Len drags me away from the fangirls who I feel like I could get along with, and back to our own table. I grumble in Len's general direction. I wanted to continue to talk with the girls about Len's love life with them. Crypton would probably never let me come on a tour ever again.

"Seriously Neru?" Len groans at me when we sit back down. He takes a sip of his smoothie while I indulge in my sugary caffeine loaded soda.

"What, they seemed extremely happy with the news." Len glares at me again, I can sense a theme with this outing. I give him the fakest smile possible and then we both return our attention to our Misa Amane waitress who had returned. She seemed just as ditzy and annoying as the one from the anime.

"Would you like to order anything to eat?" She asks.

"No." I say deadpan. Len snickers at my lack of emotion.

"I think we are fine for now." He replies trying to suppress his laughter. The waitress walks away to annoy some other table. I give a deep sigh and stare at Len, he just continues to stare out the window. His eyes briefly flicker to me and then back to the window in embarrassment.

“We aren’t dating anymore, no need to get embarrassed. How would your boyfriend feel about that?” I can hear the wince as the words sting right in Len’s heart.

“Would you stop bringing that up please? I just want one relaxing evening together before the concert.” Len takes another sip of his smoothie.

“It’s a shame there are no waiters here isn’t it Len?” I give out a large sigh, I don’t care personally what the people serving my food are. I don’t care about most stuff anyways, except singing. Len on the other hand chokes on his drink. I try to muffle my laughter with my hand, to no avail.

“Could you stop!?” Len asks finally able to breathe again.

“Why it’s so fun to see you frazzled like this.”

“Maybe tone down on the gay jokes then?”

“That guy has a nice ass, don’t you think?” I point out some random dude that just walked in. I guess it’s fine, but the girl standing with him has a better one.

“It’s acceptable.” He sheepishly says.

“Is it not as good as Piko’s?” I ask, a wide smirk creeping onto my face.

“His is nice and soft I guess. That sounds weird,” He laughs, “how do you describe someone’s ass without being rude?”

“Squishable? Nah that sounds like you’re describing boobs or something. I remember when I first met Piko I thought he was a chick.” I laugh and think of that memory.

I had met Piko when I was my old self, but meeting him again was different. He figured I still knew him so didn’t bother introducing himself when I walked into Len’s room to find Len on his knees in between Piko’s legs. Piko just waved and said hi to me. Len on the other hand pushed himself away from the other boy’s crotch and sputtered awkwardly with words finally forming a loud “GET OUT!” I didn’t mind much that Len had found another person, I didn’t like him that way anymore. Of course the next day when I saw Piko again and he spoke I was surprised that he was not in fact a girl, but just another shota. Len subsequently avoided me for a week after that incident.

“Does it matter, it’s nice and is home to his tail.” Len says playing with his straw.

“Who tops?” I seriously say and stare at him and he flails his arms and knocks his smoothie to the floor. Thankfully the cup was plastic so it didn’t break. A Satsuki Kiryuuin waitress comes and cleans it up. Once she leaves and Len has regained control of the mad blush that had engulfed his entire face he looks at me and glares.

“How can you ask a question like that?” He spits out.

“I was just wondering god, is it too much to deny this fujoshi the pleasure of knowing who the seme is?” I wouldn’t really consider myself a fujoshi, I don’t care about who people like or who they don’t like.

“B-both of us-s.” Len stammers out.

“Oh ho ho.” I laugh and grab my phone from its holder on my leg. I pretend to text someone and can see the color drain from Len’s face. He reaches over the table and tries to grab at my phone. I start laughing and turn it around so he can see that I wasn’t actually texting anyone. His face regained its color and then some.

“Neruuuuuu~” Len says. I ignore him, he then starts to kick my legs under the table. I kick him back harder and he starts laughing. A Touka Kirishima waitress comes and gives Len another banana smoothie.

“This is fun.” I say. He nods and takes a sip of his new smoothie. This is a lot easier than having to go on awkward dates when we both know I don’t want to be on them. I’d rather be friends with people and not have to be pressured into dating anyone because of what society wants. Len feels better like this too. He felt awkward around me for different reasons and he fixed that by finding Piko. I still have a hard time believing he and I used to date. He just doesn’t seem like the type of person that would like girls anymore. People change I guess. We both are more comfortable and everyone is happy.

We pay and head out. The cafe isn’t that far away from the concert hall, but we have to go through back roads and through sketchy allies because we can see the line of fans wrapping around the building. The turnout is quite impressive and I’m glad I came on the trip. It certainly was fun seeing all the fans singing and screaming along with us. The screamed especially loud when Len came on and sang Fire Flower and then when he came on again for Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder the screams were ear piercing. The surprise of him coming on with five other Len’s was certainly fun watching. In the end though I wish I could’ve been up there with everyone else. Maybe someday... For now, I’m just happy I’m alive.

The End!
Chapter 19 Blooming the Idol
I apologize now for what I did to the story, this is where I stand for ships and stuff at this point in time. Idk if I will continue to write, but hey who knows. Btw the concert is Miku Expo that happened in NYC recently, I got to go and it was fucking awesome~ Even though it was just the Crypton-loids, I’m saying that Neru came along just for fun. Oh and I’m not sorry at all about this chapter, I love this and it was a ton of fun to write. OH and I might’ve had too much fun and went a bit in detail about a certain blond shota’s love life, so if you don’t want to read that stuff just skip the paragraph where Neru is remembering how she met the shotas ‘friend’ again.

The best way to get me to write is to give me an english essay on Macbeth and a history essay due tomorrow lol i dont care i just felt like writing this all of a sudden, also it caused me to have a mental breakdown cause my mom came in and yelled at me to start working and yeah fml i also have to pack for my dads house and also im doing halloween as matryoshka rin like i did in nyc. if anyone wants pics of me just ask~

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If you guys couldnt tell, I dont go on here anymore. Like I go on here when I'm like hey i have a da account right. I have a trillion doodles I want to share, just too lazy to scan up onto here. But seriously if you want to contact me or anything GO ON MY TUMBLR OR TALK TO ME ON SKYPE 

and yaeh anime and gay shit wahstevs
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If you guys couldnt tell, I dont go on here anymore. Like I go on here when I'm like hey i have a da account right. I have a trillion doodles I want to share, just too lazy to scan up onto here. But seriously if you want to contact me or anything GO ON MY TUMBLR OR TALK TO ME ON SKYPE 

and yaeh anime and gay shit wahstevs


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