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Shut up! I don't care if y'all are haters, but I love MLP, Vocaloid, anime and Pokemon~

Random Favourites

I finally finished sorting all of my favs into folders, My Little Pony, Vocaloid, Pokemon, Ponymon, Stories, Awesome Art, Ponyloids, Cry, Shingeki no Kyojin, Free, and DMMD (for those not in the know it's DRAMAtical Murder a shouen-ai visual novel). Awesome Art is mostly Death Note and everything john-lock does. Just plain Favorites currently holds my current rekindled obsession with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, it's mostly just Nico/Percy.

i apologize now for any yaoi that shows up in here)



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  • Mood: Winter Downs
  • Listening to: Goya no Machiawase - Noragami
  • Reading: Wish I was reading House of Hades
  • Watching: MLP & Kuroko no Basuke 2
  • Playing: Dramatical Murder re:connect
  • Eating: What Shinigami love to eat
  • Drinking: Haru's favorite thing on the planet
So I wanted to go on a lot more and talk to you people on skype but...........animeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and not any kinds regular people should watch...I'm talking bout Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica they were soooooooo good...and then the news that dmmd is getting an anime ASDFGHJKL FANGIRLASM AND OMG IM ALMOST DONE WITH KUROKO NO BASUKE 2 AND NORAGAMI FINALE CAME OUT TODAY AND IT WAS AWESOME AND MEKAKU CITY ACTORS COMES OUT IN LESS THAN A MONTH AND LOVE STAGE IS GETTING AN ANIME OMG OMGOMGOMGOMG IM JUST TOO EXCITED FOR STUFFFFFFFFFFFF~!


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United States
HAI~ My name is Emma but you can call me whatever you want! I'm a Vocaloid, Pokemon, MLP and anime nerd so just saying it right now in case you hate any of those.

You are probably wondering what Vocataku means. It's very simple! When my two friends SierraWeasley and Emily were thinking of names for our cosplay group I put Vocaloid and otaku together and thus Vocataku-Team was created!

Some other websites you can stalk me on:
YouTube: Tootsie23101 Tootsie23101
Wattpad: Tootsie23101 (see a pattern?)
Tumblr: that-crazy-kouhai
Skype: Tootsie23101 (i tink)

I love writing and drawing so you'll probably see a lot of fan art on my profile, I hope you don't mind~ I might make more journals than anything because school is a pain in the ass.

If you want to watch me go ahead~

Tag me cause I have no life and will actually do it.

Pokeshipping, Ikarishipping, Oldrivalshipping, Contestshipping, Soulsilvershipping, Shootsdownshipping, Boastshipping, Ferriswheelshipping, Rebelshipping, Vatonageshipping, Flavescentshipping, Noderpshipping, Mangaquestshipping, Rocketshipping, Triplekshipping, Rangershipping, Obliviashipping, Sequelshipping, Specialshipping, Commonershipping, Franticshipping, Livecastershipping, Transceivershipping, Isshushipping, Originalshipping, & Preciousmetalshipping

Kaito/Miku, Rin/Mikuo, Len/Neru, Gakupo/Luka, Miki/Piko, Piko/Len, IA/Yohioloid, Haku/Dell, Mizkix/Yuuma, Yohioloid/Len, Len/Mikuo, Piko/Yuuma, & Piko/Len/Oliver

My Little Pony:
Twilight Sparkle/Dusk Shine, Rarity/Elusive, Fluttershy/Butterscotch, Rainbow Dash/Rainbow Blitz, Apple Jack/Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie/Bubble Berry, Luna/Artemis, The Doctor/Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Hooves, Fluffle Puff/Chrysalis, Luna/Pip, and Soarin/Rainbow Dash

Anime Shippings:
Riren, Jearmin, Reibert, Bertholt/Annie, Reiner/Christa, Springles, Yumikuri, Eremin and Eruri on occasion, RinHaru , Marinka, NagiRei (in that order), SoulMa, TsuStar, Kid/Liz, Kilik/Patty, Black Star/Soul, Ed/Winry, Al/Mei, Roy/Hawkeye, L/Light, Aoba/Clear, Aoba/Noiz, Aoba/Ren, Koujaku/Mizuki & many more that I can't think of off the top of my head currently

I also like Nico/Percy, Frank/Hazel, Frank/Hazel/Leo, Jason/Leo, Nico/Percy/Jason and the totally crack shipping of Nico/Percy/Jason/Leo...

Anime I've seen:
Air (TV)
Angel Beats
Blue Exorcist (and movie)
(Yumekui) Dream Eater Merry
Clannad (and after story)
Fullmetal Alchemist (and Conqueror of Shamballa)
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (need to see Sacred Star of Milos)
Ghost Stories
Special A
Soul Eater
Ouran High School Host Club (and manga)
Attack on Titan a.k.a. Shingeki no Kyojin (and like every manga related thing out there)
Black Rock Shooter
Acchi Kocchi
Lucky Star
Spice and Wolf (and SaW II)
Pokemon (and up to the Crystal chapter of PokeSpe)
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Daily Lives of High School Boys
Death Note
Kuroko no Basuke (currently watching KnB 2)
No. 6
Kagerou Days manga (and the anime when it comes out in April!!)
Hatoful Boyfriend manga
And some other animes I kinda don't want to put down cause of reasons you can probably guess cough cough yaoi cough cough

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AtchanKaze Mar 23, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thx for the fav =D
ThatCrazyVocataku Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome~!
Psycho-of-Time Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the fave! : D
ThatCrazyVocataku Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome~! Momo Kisaragi (Smile) [V4] 
Saki-Kisu Mar 20, 2014  Student Interface Designer
THX 4 the fave/s! :heart:
have a nice day!!!

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